VET Teacher Work Plan Guidelines


The Work Plan is designed to be a fluid, outcome-focused, ongoing record of the annual workload of the VET Teacher as negotiated between the teacher and their supervisor.

The Work Plan represents the proposed assigned duties for the whole year and can be varied in consultation and agreement with the teacher at any stage throughout the year. When this occurs the Work Plan is to be re-signed and distributed to both parties.

Please ensure that you read the information provided on the front page of the Work Plan.

Complete the Year Planner - map out the following:
  • 42 weeks attendance time
    • 800 hours: Maximum Teaching duties
    • 160 hours: Other Scheduled duties
    • 400 hours: Maximum Preparation and Correction
    • 388 hours: Other Non Scheduled Duties (mutually agreed)

    A total of 1748 hours are to be accountable for the year.

  • Four weeks annual leave.
  • Administration, co-ordination and management of teaching programs is to be allocated within the 800 hours of Teaching Duties.
  • Consult the list of Scheduled/Non-Scheduled range of duties when allocating time to the Work Plan areas.

Your Performance Plan should reflect agreed Non-Scheduled Duties.

Please Note: It is expected that Work Plans will be completed no later than the end of February in the teaching year.


VET Teacher Work Plan 2021 (xlsx, 1.1MB)