The employment of non-resident employees is subject to Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) legislation. Please note that an overseas individual visiting Australia with an Honorary Appointment (eg Visiting Professor) is not considered an employee of Federation University Australia under this legislation, and these guidelines do not apply.

Full details on legislation, DIAC procedures and current requirements should be sought from the DIAC website. Information booklets and forms are updated several times each year, so it recommended that you visit http://www.immi.gov.au/ for the most up-to-date migration information.  People and Culture can provide expert advice on the most appropriate solutions for Federation University Australia, while Legal can provide interpretation of legislation.

Two aspects of DIAC legislation have particular impact on Federation University Australia:

  • Right to Work - Federation University Australia is required by DIAC legislation to ensure that all staff engaged have the right to work in Australia; this information may assist in managing that obligation.
  • Sponsorship - various schemes allow Federation University Australia to sponsor an overseas employee who does not currently have the right to work in Australia.  These will usually be applicants from overseas, who may be sponsored on a temporary or permanent basis.