Reviewing for future enhancements

Evaluating and reviewing the student learning journey and the encompassing teaching practices are what enables future enhancements. utilising research, sharing our ideas for best practice and supporting each other in the process can improve student engagement and learning outcomes. The role of actively participating and accepting feedback is imperative in maintaining quality teaching standards.

Reviewing teaching practice can be done in four ways – through the ‘practice lens’ of discipline expertise and communities of practice; through the ‘self lens’ of undertaking reflective practice to nurture personal growth; through the ‘peer lens’ of participating in peer review processes; and finally the ‘student lens’ of asking the stakeholder for their view on the value of your teaching practice. Together they form a solid foundation of guiding individual staff, programs, schools and organisations to provide quality teaching practices and achieving quality learning outcomes.

The following web pages include information, approaches and strategies to support you in evaluating, reviewing and enhancing learning and teaching practices.

The following information can assist you with implementing the above pedagogical and practical suggestions:

Considerations for quality teaching practices

Quality teaching practices includes continuous review of practices and exploring ongoing avenues for enhancement. Consider the following questions for the learning and teaching practices within your course:

Review through a self lens

  • How do you self-reflect on your own learning and teaching practices?

Review through a peer lens

  • How do you undertake peer support, feedback and review of your learning and teaching practices for enhancement?

Review through a student lens

  • How do you gather feedback from your students on the learning journey you created and your teaching practices?

Review through a practice lens

  • How do you connect with your discipline or industry peers for ongoing enhancement of your learning and teaching practices?

Quality evaluation practices

  • How do you utilise the feedback you obtain?

Receiving and accepting feedback

  • How well do take on the feedback you are given? Do you actively seek it, or avoid it? Why?

Enhancing through research

  • Do you use current literature to support your learning and teaching practice decisions?
  • Do you research your learning and teaching practices to help solve issues or address problems?

Enhancing through learning analytics

  • Do you use the data on Moodle to assist in making decisions for ongoing enhancement of your course design and teaching practices?

Technologies to enhance evaluation

  • Are you using the most effective technology tools to gain feedback?

Achieving the BOLD learning and teaching practices

The BOLD Learning and Teaching Practices provide clear guidelines to support teaching practices for different delivery/study modes, opportunities for self-assessment and reflection on current teaching practices, and opportunities for collaborative discussion with peers and learning designers to enhance online teaching practices.

The process of ongoing evaluation and review is embedded throughout all five focus areas – noted by the ‘criteria met’ tick boxes and the comments sections to assist with self and peer review discussions.

View the BOLD Learning and Teaching Practices.

Professional development opportunities

CTIQ offers the following professional development opportunities to support teaching staff with reviewing and enhancing learning and teaching practices:

  • L&T Webinars – Virtual | Quarterly. Check out the virtual webinars offered throughout the year to support the processes of evaluation, review and enhancing teaching practices
  • L&T Workshops – Virtual or face-to-face | On request. Workshops can be organised for your School or Discipline to address your specific review and evaluation needs. View the School specific PD ‘menu’ for some examples. Contact your Associate Dean of Teaching Quality or School/CTIQ Learning Designer to see what is, or can be, organised for delivery in your area.
  • Learning Technology Hub - Online | Just-in-time. Information on how to use a range of functions within supported learning technologies to enhance your review and evaluation practices
  • Professional Learning Modules – Online | self-paced | certificate issued on completion. Currently no modules available. Modules are under development.
  • Graduate Certificate in Education (Tertiary Education) – This postgraduate award course is designed to support tertiary teachers deliver quality, contemporary teaching practices in the higher education setting. Modules on evaluation include the likes of:  Enhancing practice through review, Co-teaching and peer review, Teaching with impact and Introduction to Scholarship of Learning and Teaching.