Australian University Teaching Criteria and Standards Framework

The Australian University Teaching Criteria and Standards Framework (AUTCSF) is a framework that provides universities and their academic staff with a practical and flexible guide for clarifying what constitutes quality teaching and how it can be evidenced. The AUTCSF is a criteria and evidence matrix that gives examples of performance and achievements under seven criteria or dimensions related to different aspects of teaching. All academic staff can use the matrix for career planning, in preparation for performance development reviews, and in preparation for applying for promotion or teaching awards. This document was developed as an Office of Learning and Teaching Project in 2014 and has significantly influenced higher education teaching standards nationally.

The seven teaching criteria are:

  1. Design and planning of learning activities
  2. Teaching and supporting student learning
  3. Assessment and giving feedback to students on their learning
  4. Developing effective learning environments, student support and guidance
  5. Integration of scholarship, research and professional activities with teaching and in support of student learning
  6. Evaluation of practice and continuing professional development
  7. Professional and personal effectiveness

Download the Australian University Teaching Criteria and Standards Framework (pdf, 215kb)

For more detailed information on the process of development and implementation, visit the AUTCSF website.

Additional information

The AUTCSF forms the basis of many individual institutional teaching standards, performance appraisals and promotion processes. For assistance in how use these standards to assist your endeavour for teaching excellence and career progression, contact your direct line manager or Director, Learning and Teaching.