Learning and teaching plan

The Learning and Teaching Quality Committee (LTQC) endorsed the 2023 Learning and Teaching Focused Plan in December 2022. This plan aligns university focus and resources towards achieving our strategic priorities and expectations as outlined in the Higher Education Standards Framework (HESF). The two priority domains (and sub-domains) within this 12-month plan provide clear focus areas for enhancing curriculum and delivery and guidance linked to continuous quality assurance options.

Domain 1 - Curriculum and Delivery Enhancement

  1. Learning and Teaching Delivery Principles
  2. Co-Operative Learning
  3. Assessment Transformation
  4. Curriculum Design Methodology
  5. Inclusive and Diverse Practices

Domain 2 - Continuous Quality Assurance

  1. Peer Review and Benchmarking
  2. Blended Online and Digital (BOLD) Learning and Teaching Practices (BLTP)
  3. Moderation of Assessment
  4. Scholarship of Leaning and Teaching
  5. Quality Renewal Schedule

Download the '2023 Learning and Teaching Focused Plan' (pdf, 925kb)

As academic staff engage with their annual Performance Review Development Plans (PRDP), they are encouraged to review the University endorsed 2023 Learning and Teaching Plan. The 2023 Learning and Teaching Plan provides some target key performance indicators (KPI) aligned to career growth and professional learning journey.

Additional information

For any further enquiries, please contact your Institute Director, Learning and Teaching or CAD on cad@federation.edu.au