Learning and teaching plan

In December 2023, the Learning and Teaching Quality Committee (LTQC) endorsed the current Interim 2024 Learning and Teaching plan. Given the recent restructure, this current Interim plans allows academic staff to continue planning towards learning and teaching aspirations, whilst aligning with the FedUni Strategic Plan and the Higher Education Standards Framework (HESF). The two priority domains (and sub-domains) within this 12-month plan, provides clear focus towards meeting the Co-Op Model implementation and improving quality assurance metric reporting towards quality curriculum and delivery. The Interim plan may further undergoing revisions during 2024 as per the recommendations of the Provost.

Domain 1 – Alignment with the Minimum Cooperative Standards (MiCS) to support Co-Operative Model Rollout

  1. Criteria 1 - Co-design with industry and students
  2. Criteria 2 - Co-develop with industry and students
  3. Criteria 3 - Co-deliver with industry
  4. Criteria 4 - FedTASK
  5. Criteria 5 - Workplace and Career Preparation
  6. Criteria 6 - Authentic Assessment
  7. Criteria 7  - Industry facing experiences

Domain 2 - Continuous Quality Assurance (Sector Expectations)

  1. Learning and Teaching Delivery Principles and Definitions
  2. Inclusive and Diverse Practices
  3. Scholarship of Leaning and Teaching
  4. Quality Assurance Schedule

Download the 2024 Learning and Teaching Plan (pdf, 749kb)

Note: This plan contains clear objectives for academic staff preparing their 2024 Performance Review Development Plans (PRDP) in the Workday platform (See  Your growth matters webinar. Academic staff are expected to select key objectives from the current Interim plan as evidence and targets towards enhanced learning and teaching capacity, capability and Co-Op Model implementation.  This Interim plan has been approved by Provost and is pending approval at Academic Board (April 2024).

Additional information

For any further enquiries, please contact your Institute Director, Learning and Teaching or CAI on cai@federation.edu.au