Enhancing through learning analytics

Learning analytics are any piece of information that can help a Learning Management System (eg: Moodle) user to monitor student engagement with specific resources. Learning analytics are needed to inform teachers about students, to inform the staff that support teachers and to inform students themselves. The primary need for learning analytics is to promote student retention by identifying student's status (at risknormalahead), based on their activity in a course. By utilising a range of Reporting function in Moodle, you can start to map a more comprehensive picture of your student's online behaviour.

There is no expectation that teaching staff are required to undertake major learning analytics for their individual courses. Learning analytics are predominately utilised to review and enhance large scale projects, full course reviews or program audits.

But teaching staff can use the Moodle reporting tools already available for minor learning analytics to support everyday teaching practices, and to enhance course quality and usability. It provides an opportunity to monitor students’ access of particular resources, or when they are engaging with learning content, which can then be used to inform course enhancements and improvements. As with any data, it is important to work with staff experienced in creating, developing and interpreting learning analytic data to ensure the information is fit for purpose.



  • For more information on the development and use of learning analytics, please contact Adam Barbary, Manager, Learning and Teaching Support and Production on ph: 03 5327 9783 or email at.barbary@federation.edu.au