Marking and grading

Grading is the practice of applying standardised measurements of varying levels of achievement for an individual task, or whole course. Grades may be assigned as letters (eg: HD through to F) or as a numerical mark (eg: 0 – 10).

Marking is the process of applying a grade, in addition to feedback on assessments. In order to ensure that student feedback and grades are completed and returned to students in timely manner, consider the following teaching administration considerations:

  • Do you have access to additional sessional markers, or is it just the teaching team?
  • How are you deciding which staff have how much marking and when?
  • How are you going to allocate which student assessments to which teaching staff?

Resources, strategies or assistance

Federation University policies and guidelines



  • For more assistance in the moderation and marking processes undertaken within your Program, please contact your Director, Learning and Teaching or Program Leader.