Moderation and marking


Moderation is a quality assurance process by which an individual or group not involved in setting or marking an assessment task confirms that assessment is continuously conducted with accuracy, consistency and fairness. Moderation contributes to the continuous improvement of assessment practice and to sharing good practice among colleagues.

  • Pre-Assessment Moderation:  Pre-assessment moderation validates the appropriateness, fairness, clarity, accuracy and standard of assessment tasks and materials before they are used for assessment.
  • Post-Assessment Moderation:  Post-assessment moderation checks marking by moderating a designated sample of marked student work to ensure that markers are making consistent and accurate assessment decisions, in accordance with published assessment criteria.

What process of moderation are you undertaking to maintain equity, consistency and fairness of the marking of assessments?  When are you doing this and who is going to monitor the process to ensure integrity is maintained? Please check with your School for specific processes relating to moderation of assessment tasks in your Program.


Grading is the practice of applying standardised measurements of varying levels of achievement for an individual task, or whole course. Grades may be assigned as letters (eg: HD through to F) or as a numerical mark (eg: 0 – 10).

Marking is the process of applying a grade, in addition to feedback on assessments.   In order to ensure that student feedback and grades are completed and returned to students in timely manner, consider the following teaching administration considerations:

  • Do you have access to additional sessional markers, or is it just the teaching team?
  • How are you deciding which staff have how much marking and when?
  • How are you going to allocate which student assessments to which teaching staff?

Resources, strategies or assistance

Federation University policies and guidelines



  • For more assistance in the moderation and marking processes undertaken within your Program, please contact your School’s Associate Dean of Teaching Quality or Program Leader.