Moderation of assessment

Moderation is an important mechanism for quality assurance and is a collegial process by which Institutes develop, maintain and monitor good practice in the assessment of student learning. It addresses the interests of students, staff, the University's partners and its external stakeholders.  Use of the Moderation of Assessment Manual is embedded within the Higher Education Assessment Policy [LT1302] and Higher Education Assessment Procedure [LT1254] to ensure compliance with TEQSA requirements (TEQSA, 2017, Standard 1.4.3).

There are three key types of assessment moderation:

  • Moderation of Assessment Design (Type I) - completed prior to course delivery to provided checks on and support for the design of evidence-based best practice assessment tasks
  • Moderation of Assessment Marking (Type II) - completed during course delivery whereby a model (or models) of marking moderation are selected and implemented for each task (where applicable) to ensure that all marks/grades are fair, consistent and accurate in line with published assessment critieria, regardless of the type of assessment, number of markers or delivery location
  • Moderation of Assessment Practice (Type III) - completed post course delivery by evaluating the success of the assessment task, course learning plan and facilitation practices undertaken in enabling and demonstrating student learning.


Access the Sharepoint site | Learning and Teaching | Moderation of Assessment to view:

  • Moderation of Assessment Manual
  • Interactive Resource – overview of entire moderation of assessment process
  • Moderation of assessment design (Type I) – roles and responsibilities, process, documentation
  • Moderation of assessment marking (Type II) – roles and responsibilities, process, documentation
  • Moderation of assessment practice (Type I) – roles and responsibilities, process, documentation
  • fdlGrades – how to document moderation of assessment processes and outcomes

Additional information

Federation University policies, procedures and guidelines


For more assistance in the moderation of assessment priorities and reporting undertaken within your Program, please contact your Director, Learning and Teaching or Program Leader.