Digital production services

Working with CLIPP's Digital Production team is like having a full digital creative team by your side. We provide high-quality digital design and video production support primarily for learning and teaching – more specifically – servicing academic and professional staff who engage directly with our students.

CLIPP's Digital Production team can assist staff to renew and enhance course material, produce high-end diagrams, videos or animations, and even shoot and edit promotional videos seen by external audiences*. Scoping and project planning is a joint venture, and CLIPP staff will take care of the shoot for you using professional studio and production equipment. We will also provide you with technical expertise and editorial advice throughout post production stage.

Services include

Graphic design (for web or print)

  • Web graphics and e-flyers
  • Instructional booklets to support course content
  • Flyers, postcards and posters
  • Flowcharts and infographics

Video and animation production

  • Photography
  • Audio production

(*) The CLIPP Digital Production team is capable of creating external audience marketing material, however as our primary focus is learning and teaching, we may have limited capacity to undertake such projects. Requests for all work should must be accompanied by a detailed brief in order to determine capacity and timelines. CLIPP can provide advice on additional resourcing (staff and/or equipment) in order to cater for these requests. Due to staffing limitations, scoping documents and all required materials (images, audio, canned footage) must be gathered during the preproduction stage and prior to the commencement of any further work.

How to request our services

  1. Feel free to contact Jaimee Westin (Graphic Design) or Eammon Jones (Video / Audio) to discuss your idea
  2. Download, read and complete the Service Agreement / Client Brief (pdf, 1.4mb)
  3. Attach the brief to a Service Desk job ('Bold Learning Content Development' queue) or email it to
  4. The team will be in touch within 3 days to discuss your request.

We look forward to working with you.