Learning and teaching

Learning and teaching departments

Centre for Academic Development (CAD)

Supporting the enhancement of higher education learning and teaching design, development and facilitation practices.

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Centre for Learner Excellence (CLE)

Supporting the enhancement of TAFE learning and teaching design, development and facilitation practices.

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Student Learning Support

Supporting the embedding of student academic supports within curricula to maximise success.

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Library services

Supporting access to contemporary learning content materials and resources.

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Learning and teaching support

Academic Services and Support

Coordinating the administration needs that support higher education learning and teaching delivery.

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Digital production

Supporting the enhancement of course material through advance imagery, graphics, videos, audio, animation and more.

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Cross-team contacts

Cross-functional support teams working together to service learning and teaching design, technology, student supports, library services and learning and teaching administration needs.

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Support requests

Have a question? Need help with a technology issue? Have a project request? Visit the Service Desk portal to log a job. For urgent support, call (03) 5327 6151.

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Learning and teaching professional development

An array of professional development opportunities to support all teaching staff.


You can attend these sessions live or watch recordings.

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Professional learning modules (PLM)

A one-stop-shop of online, self-paced professional learning modules for academic staff.

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Other professional development (PD)

Workshops, Academic Induction Program (AIP) and Graduate Certificate in Education (Tertiary Education) (GCETE).

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Learning and teaching technologies

Enhance your students' learning experience by using a number of supported learning and teaching technologies.


Leading and maintaining quality learning environments using digital technologies to enhance learning and teaching practices.

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Self-paced technology guides

Explore the self-paced just-in-time support Moodle page outlining how-to material on all University-approved technology.

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Technology guidelines

These guidelines describe which learning and teaching technologies are approved for use and how each should be used.

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Learning and teaching resources

Online resources to support everything from induction through to excellence.

Teaching practice

Learn how to engage students from all backgrounds to gain knowledge, perfect skills and apply that knowledge and skills to successfully undertake employment.

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Curriculum quality

Learn how the process of design, development and execution adheres to both sector and institutional standards, frameworks and strategic plans.

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Awards, research, events and projects

Providing an avenue for academic staff to continue their ongoing journey towards teaching excellence and advancement of quality learning and teaching practices.

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Academic calendars

Key dates during the academic year, including semester durations, lecture periods breaks, and public and university holiday periods.

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