Professional development

The Centre for Learning, Innovation and Professional Practice (CLIPP) recognises the need to support and enhance all teaching staff with the fundamental and advanced knowledge and skills required to proficiently undertake face-to-face, blended and online teaching within a higher education institution. The image above depicts a model of progression to assist staff navigate the professional development opportunities offered by CLIPP.

Teaching staff have an opportunity to identify, in consultation with their line manager, a continuing professional development pathway that accommodates their identified learning needs, in an agreed time frame, as set by various University policies such as the Academic Probation (Higher Education) Procedure (Policy Code: HR955), the Learning and Teaching and Student Success Plan (2018-2020), and the Performance Review and Development Program (PRDP).

The CLIPP Learning and Teaching Professional Development Framework (pdf, 682kb) outlines CLIPP's commitment to supporting teaching staff with opportunities to develop, enhance and advance their learning and teaching practices to address a number of the University Strategic goals, and support the transition from industry practitioner or researcher to higher education teacher.