CTIQ professional development framework

The transition from industry practitioner or researcher to higher education teacher is one that requires acquisition of the following:

  • knowledge about tertiary learning and teaching pedagogy
  • skill development around learning and teaching technologies
  • application of knowledge and skill to create, facilitate, monitor and review quality blended, online and digital (BOLD) learning and teaching practices
  • aptitude to enable scholarship of learning and teaching practices, career progression and recognition of excellence.

The Centre for Teaching Innovation and Quality (CTIQ) recognises the need to support and enhance all teaching staff with the fundamental and advanced knowledge and skills required to proficiently undertake face-to-face, blended and online teaching within a higher education institution. The image below depicts a model of progression to assist staff navigate the professional development opportunities offered by CTIQ. Teaching staff have an opportunity to identify, in consultation with their line manager, a continuing professional development pathway that accommodates their identified learning needs, in an agreed time frame, as set by various University policies such as the Academic Probation (Higher Education) Procedure (Policy Code: HR955), the Learning and Teaching and Student Success Plan (2018-2020), and the Performance Review and Development Program (PRDP).

Academic Induction Program > BOLD PD Offerings > GCETE > Progress to learning and teaching scholarship > Progress to teaching awards

Academic Induction Program (AIP)

The Academic Induction Program is recommended for all teaching staff in their first semester of commencing at FedUni, regardless of previous teaching experience. The purpose of this blended program is to introduce the foundations of face-to-face, blended and online learning and teaching practices and processes at FedUni, network with key campus teaching and professional staff, and access key resources to support ongoing learning and teaching needs. This program provides a foundation to support School specific induction processes and ongoing mentorship programs, in ensuring that all new University teaching staff, including sessional staff, have access to the essential information required to support their teaching roles at the University.

Bold PD offerings

CTIQ recognises the need to provide ongoing quality professional development to all teaching staff to ensure quality BOLD learning and teaching practices across eight domains:

  1. Learning – Understanding your learners and their needs
  2. Assessment – Creating effective assessment tasks
  3. Design – Designing an inclusive learning journey
  4. Development – Building your online learning space
  5. Facilitation – Engaging face-to-face, blended and online teaching practices
  6. Feedback – Quality feedback for learning
  7. Monitoring – Monitoring engagement and learning
  8. Evaluation – Reviewing for future enhancements

Note: It is recommended that all teaching staff engage with a minimum of one professional development opportunity within each learning and teaching domain per calendar year (pro rata basis), or as negotiated with the line manager given individual, course and program learning needs.

Graduate Certificate in Education (Tertiary Education) (GCETE)

The GCETE is a postgraduate award program that explores the foundations of providing innovative and contemporary learning and teaching practices in the tertiary setting, along with supporting the scholarship of learning and teaching through development of professional practice. Current University policy recommends commencement of this program within two years of commencing employment for those teaching staff without formal education qualifications.

Need resources, strategies or assistance?

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