Learning and Teaching Showcase 2015

BOLD Challenges...What are they and how do we overcome them?

As the BOLD initiative gains momentum at Federation University Australia, it is important to acknowledge the challenges that we face when embracing educational technology and innovation. The Learning and Teaching Showcase #5 on the 11th November looked at what some of these challenges are and crucially, what are some of the strategies used to overcome them. We heard from a number of different areas within FedUni, including faculties, students, the Library and CAD. We heard how your colleagues have overcome some of the issues that we all face.

Program, Power Points and Presentations

Please click on the following PDF links to download a copy of each Power Point presentation or watch the presentation video hosted on Tube.

9.00 am Registration CAD staff
9.15 am Welcome to Showcase #5 (PDF, 1.8mb) Nina Fotinatos
9.25 am Evaluating us: What students say (PDF, 2.3mb) Barbie Panther
9.45 am Virtual Education (PDF, 2.4mb) Sue Brown
10.05 am New BOLD Technologies - Equella (PDF, 1mb) Brian Martin
10.25 am Morning tea  
10.45 am Vice-Chancellor's Awards (PDF, 69kb) Vice- Chancellor
11.00 am Minutes' silence (PDF, 2.8mb) 
11.02 am Vice-Chancellor's BOLD address (PDF, 349kb) Vice- Chancellor
11.15 am Open Educational Resources (OER) (PDF, 488kb) Marion Slawson
11.35 am BOLD Fundamentals (PDF, 95kb) Clare Cole
11.55 am CLIPP Mini Grants (PDF, 606kb) Guest Speakers/Michelle Duffy
12.15 pm Conversations with ITS (PDF, 786kb) Jodie Oldaker
12.35 pm Cat's Clever Conversions Catherine Duncan