Internationalisation of the Curriculum (IoC)

Welcome to the Internationalisation of the Curriculum website. The purpose of this site is to provide a range of practical resources and papers that all staff can access to develop a more globalised approach to their teaching methods, service delivery and research pursuits. The rationale for creating an online repository of internationalisation resources is to support staff in their implementation of the university's international strategic purpose and provide strategies that staff can implement for enabling our students to develop the skills and knowledge embedded in the graduate attribute of engaged citizenship.

As stated in FedUni's internationalisation policy statement, our international strategic purpose is to internationalise the University by:

  • Developing University staff and students as global learners and citizens
  • Preparing graduates to perform capably and sensitively in international and multicultural societies
  • Encourage staff to develop as international researchers and to deliver teaching and training at international standards
  • Facilitate collaborative links between international communities, especially those located in regional areas

Internationalisation of curriculum (IoC) working party

The resources available on this site have been compiled by members of the university's Internationalisation of the Curriculum Working Party. This working party was set up in 2012 and reports directly to Academic Board. Its members consist of advocates for internationalisation from across all sectors of the university, including professional and academic staff. Among the IoC Working Party's terms of reference is the aim to develop standards for best practice in relation to Internationalisation of the Curriculum and create a formal program of implementation. This website has been set up with the distinct purpose of providing a showcase of good practice in internationalisation around Australia and internationally, and encouraging staff to rethink their pedagogy and research activities to develop a more global perspective.

What is Internationalisation of the Curriculum (or IoC)?

One recent definition of IoC has been developed by Betty Leask, a renowned scholar in the field of internationalisation.

Internationalisation of the curriculum is the incorporation of an international and intercultural dimension into the content of the curriculum as well as the teaching and learning arrangements and support services of a program of study (Leask, 2009, p. 209).

An important aspect of Leask's definition is that it implies IoC is a process that incorporates all aspects of the university's learning and teaching functions and its support areas. In other words, IoC does not pertain to an isolated aspect of a particular course, but a university-wide approach that embraces a global perspective and encourages intercultural exchanges both in and outside the classroom.