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A ‘flipped’ classroom is a pedagogical model in which the typical content delivery by lecture and homework elements of a course are reversed.  

In a 'flipped classroom' model teachers take didactic lecture content, where students are normally passively sitting and watching in a lecture theatre and put that online - thus a common approach to blended learning. Class time is then used for interactivity related to that content. The below video that outlines how it works:

What is a flipped class? on Vimeo.

There are various benefits for staff and students in using the flipped classroom model:

How do you ‘flip’ a class?

Visit a website developed by the Faculty Innovation Centre at the University of Texas that provides practical strategies and videos to support the move towards a flipped model of teaching and learning:

Approaches to ‘flipping’

‘Flipping’ is the most commonly used approach to blending online and face-to-face learning for individual classes. Consider additional ways that you could adapt this across your course to enhance the learning experience:

Resources, strategies or assistance

Resources – Websites