Guidelines for internationalising your curriculum

This web page contains resources to guide you in the process of internationalising your course or program.

Included on this page is a questionnaire (Questionnaire on IoC for your discipline) from the ALTC IoC website  to prompt discussions within your school about how to internationalise your content and approaches to teaching. But, recognising some of the barriers to IoC within your own discipline is an important first step and that is explored in Clifford's paper and in another questionnaire from the IoC website (Challenges to internationalisation in your program). But, if you want to jump right in and start applying IoC to your course, download the FedUni help sheet (see below) for incorporating IoC elements into your courses (Practical ideas for internationalising your courses).

The following points link to the sections below: 

Questionnaire on IoC for your discipline

Take a look at the following Questionnaire on internationalisation of the curriculum (QIC) developed by Betty Leask. Ideally, this questionnaire should be used with a team of staff who are teaching within the same program. If possible, chat with at least one other colleague from your program and attempt to answer the questions in the link below.

Challenges to internationalisation in your program

Often the first step towards internationalising curriculum is recognising some of our own blockers to change, whether they are the values implicitly embedded in the discipline in which we teach, or our own attitudes and biases towards the process of learning and teaching. The following article by Clifford (2009) examines some of the potential challenges that the various disciplines face when considering internationalisation.

The following activity builds on concepts explored in Clifford (2009). Download the following handout developed by Betty Leask (ALTC fellowship) and discuss the questions with others within your program team and identify if there is a need to challenge some of the cultural beliefs underpinning the knowledge held within your discipline.

Practical ideas for internationalising your courses

The following document has been adapted with permission from Griffith University to make planning for an internationalised course more straight forward. Included in this help sheet are examples and ideas for how to promote intercultural skills within the course content, classroom activities, assessment and extra-curricular undertakings.