IoC classroom strategies

If you are seeking new ideas to incorporate into your current teaching practice that will facilitate greater student engagement and interaction, then these resources can provide you with some food for thought and practical suggestions.

Article: Guided interaction as intercultural learning: designing internationalisation into a mixed delivery teacher education programme (Spiro, 2011) (pdf, 104kb)

This paper explores the process of building an international student community through engaging with online technologies that connect students with a range of experiences. Strategies discussed include guided interaction within a virtual environment between home students studying in their own culture and international students studying at a distance.

Video: How can we 'internationalise' our curriculum? Ken Hawkins: IoC at CQU (2010) (YouTube, 4:04min)

This four minute video highlights some of the strategies that CQU has adopted to internationalise their curriculum by utilising the experiences of the international staff and students, and using Skype for group work.

Handbook: Finding Common Ground: enhancing interaction between domestic and international students: Guide for academics (Arkoudis et al., 2010) (pdf, 1.5mb)

Video: 'Finding Common Ground' via University of Melbourne (20:28min)

This Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) project, 'originally titled Enhancing Domestic and International Student interaction, explored the benefits of, and obstacles to, interaction among students from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. The project also sought to identify examples of practice that were successfully enhancing such interactions within Australian university teaching and learning environments.'