Research into Scholarship of Learning and Teaching (RiSoLT) Hub

Research into Scholarship of Learning and Teaching (RiSoLT) Hub refers to the production of research that informs scholarly teaching practice.

It emerged in 1990 as a professoriate response to the ‘teaching versus research’ debate of academic positions. Ernest L. Boyer, in his influential book Scholarship Reconsidered: Priorities of the Professoriate (1990) concluded that ‘the work of the professoriate might be thought of as having four separate, yet overlapping, functions. These are: the scholarship of discovery; the scholarship of integration; the scholarship of application; and the scholarship of teaching’ (p. 16).

Federation University Australia (FedUni) and its predecessor institution (University of Ballarat) has a strong history of both scholarly teaching practice and SoTL research output. While historically such practice and research has been conducted within individual Faculties/Schools, with the release of the Learning and Teaching Plan 2015-2017: Enabling BOLD Learning (PDF, 190kb) there is an identified opportunity for higher SoTL research output across FedUni.

To support staff in conducting SoTL based research, a range of resources are under construction and will be released incrementally throughout 2018. These resources include a FedUni SoTL Hub, Self-Paced SoTL resources, Information about specific SoTL grants, and various SoTL communities of practice across FedUni.

For further enquires about SoTL based research at FedUni please contact Sara Weuffen (Lecturer, BOLD Learning and Teaching Enhancement, CLIPP) at