Inclusive teaching practices

One key element that usually prompts people to want to review their own teaching practices is the presence of an ever increasingly diverse student population in the classroom.  

For most universities, the greater population of international students on campus in recent years has led to a need for additional resources to assist academic staff in accommodating the learning needs of students from China, India, the Middle East and elsewhere. Moreover, as we are expected to assist our students in becoming more 'engaged' and 'global' citizens as per FedUni's Engaged citizenship graduate attribute, helping our students develop skills in intercultural competence is also key to successful interactions within student groups and after graduation.

The resources on this web page are based on Australian and international research into the most effective strategies that go some way towards meeting the diverse needs of our learners, while also assisting them to become 'engaged citizens' in global communities, whether they are international students, domestic students from a migrant background, or Australian born students.