BOLD learning and teaching practices

The Blended, On-Line Digital (BOLD) Learning and Teaching Practices provide clear guidelines around standards, practices and expectations for maintain online learning and teaching practices. They are presented as a checklist to afford staff the opportunity to inform, evaluate and reflect on their current learning and teaching practices and address identified needs. These checklists have been developed to provide staff with:

  • Clear guidelines about expectation for evidence-based best practice online learning and teaching practices for different delivery and study modes
  • The opportunity to self-review and reflect about their current online teaching practices, and address identified needs.
  • Opportunities for collaborative discussions with colleagues and learning and teaching professional staff (ie: learning designers, learning skills advisors, library liaisons) to enhance online teaching practices.
  • Opportunities to engage in individual and teaching team peer review and enhancement practices
  • Enable individual course, year level or program level ‘heat map’ reporting to identified areas for enhancement
  • Support with course and program review and renewal projects

The BOLD learning and teaching practices (BLTP) are relevant to Federation University higher education undergraduate and postgraduate courses offered through all delivery modes and via partnership arrangements. Elements of the review tool can also be used to support the design of courses offered by Federation TAFE. The BLTP can be used to support design, development and facilitation before, during and after course delivery.

Focus areas

The BOLD Learning and Practice are divided into five key focus areas. The checklists can be used to review a single focus area, or all five focus areas across a course

  • Focus area 01 | Course organisation – Structure, navigation and accessibility
  • Focus area 02 | Course communication – Teacher and social presence and engagement
  • Focus area 03 | Learning resources – Cognitive presence and engagement
  • Focus area 04 | Learning activities – Cognitive and social presence and engagement
  • Focus area 05 | Course assessment – Demonstration of learning

The BOLD Learning and Teaching Practices were first developed in 2018, utilising expertise from the Centre of Academic Development, School Associate Deans of Learning and Teaching and other online learning expertise across the university and endorsed by the Learning and Teaching Committee. Further revisions were made in 2019 to create version 2. More comprehensive enhancements are due for release in early 2023 as version 3.

Download BOLD L&T practices | Version 2

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More information

Contact your CAD Learning Designer or member of your Institute L&T Support team for guidance in utilising the BOLD Learning and Teaching Practices to support quality course design, development and facilitation.