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Through the Labyrinth

Despite real progress, women remain rare enough in elite positions of power that their presence still evokes a sense of wonder (Eagley & Carli, 2015). This leadership series explores why women's paths to power remain difficult to traverse.  Each month participants are asked to read a specified chapter of Eagly & Carli’s (2015) ‘Through the Labyrinth: The truth about how women becomes leaders’ which is coupled with a workshop or presentation by leading female FedUni academic.

Themes include:

  • February 2018 – Chapter 1: Is there a glass ceiling? Chapter 2: Where are the women leaders?  Presenter: Penny Paliadelis and Nina Fotinatos
  • March 2018 – Chapter 3: Are men natural leaders? Presenter: Helen Ryan
  • April 2018 – Presenter: Helen Bartlett
  • May 2018 – Chapter 4: Do family responsibilities hold women back? Chapter 5: Is discrimination still a problem? Presenter: Amy Barnhouse
  • June 2018 – Chapter 6: What is the psychology of prejudice towards women? Presenter: Claire Shaw
  • July 2018 – Chapter 7: Do people resist women’s leadership? Presenter: Sara Weuffen
  • August 2018 – Chapter 8 – Do women lead differently to men? Presenter: Sue Owen
  • September 2018 – Chapter 9: Do organisations compromise women’s leadership? Presenters: Ange Jenkins & Marion Slawson
  • October 2018 – Chapter 10: How do some women find their way through the labyrinth? Presenter: TBC
  • November 2018 – Chapter 11: How good are women leaders and what does their future hold?  Presenter: Nina Fotinatos

To access further details of the book and presentation series, self-enrol in the Moodle site Through the Labyrinth: The truth about women becoming leaders