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Workshops are an engaging way to participate with professional development. Delivered face-to-face, blended or wholly online, they provide an interactive way to learn new knowledge and skills, and to utilise the expertise of peers in the application to practice.

Central Workshops

The Centre for Academic Development (CAD) deliver a number of learning and teaching workshops each quarter. Sessions are based on new teaching staff induction, refresher and updates in the use of learning technologies, and the roll-out of new and updated university learning and teaching initiatives.

Please note that due to COVID distancing restrictions, we are unable to offer any central workshops in a face-to-face or blended mode at this time.  All workshop materials have been transformed into Central Webinars, School-based Webinars or School-based Workshops until further notice.

Learning and Teaching Bootcamp

For new teaching staff looking for induction materials to upskill in the use of Federation University learning technologies, please access the following:

School-based Workshops

The Centre for Academic Development (CAD) Learning Designers work collaboratively with each Director, Learning and Teaching to develop professional development specifically for the identified needs of academics within the School, a program or a course.

For examples of the types of workshops CAD staff can design and deliver for your School, program or course teaching team, view a list of common topics that can be adapted and extended to suit a range of learning and teaching practice needs (pdf, 1.8mb) . Please see your CAD Institute Learning Designer to discuss any requests.

For further information on workshops currently being offered specifically for your School, please access your School communication networks, or contact your CAD Institute Learning Designer.

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