Personal checks and special requirements for WIL students

Police checks

Many providers of clinical and work integrated learning (WIL) placements, including Health and Education providers, require students who have a clinical or WIL placement requirement as part of their course to undertake an annual police check. If a police check is required for your program, InPlace will list this as one of your compulsory requirements.

How to apply – fit2work

In order to complete your police check, please ensure you prepare 100 points of certified identification. Certified identification is a photocopy of your identification documents which has been shown with the originals to an authorised person.

It needs to be signed, dated and declared that it is a ‘true and accurate record of the original document’.

An authorised person includes a police officer, teacher, nurse, pharmacist, doctor, justice of the peace and some other authorised professions. Refer to the list of persons authorised to certify documentation.

Fit2work only accepts IDs that are certified within 3 months.

Police check application process

Working with Children checks

Many of the WIL placements offered at FedUni through external providers such as Health organisations and Education providers require students to complete a Working With Children Check (WWCC). The WWCC is a legal requirement for anyone undertaking paid or voluntary child-related work in all Australian states and territories.

Students must list FedUni as the organisation through which the child-related work is being undertaken. Students who have already obtained and hold a current WWCC must add FedUni as a volunteer organisation.

Both volunteer and employee WWCC are available. If a student already has an employee card it can be used for any paid or volunteer child-related work, but the volunteer organisation must be included on the card. A volunteer card is free but can only be used for volunteer work (such as unpaid placement). It is unlawful to engage in paid employment with a volunteer card.

WWCC application process

Consent to hold and release information

All students undertaking WIL at Federation University Australia are required to download, complete, sign and upload the Hold and Release Student Information Consent Form to their student profile page on InPlace.

The information on this consent form is collected for the primary purpose of gaining your consent to hold and release your personal information such as Police checks, WWCC, and immunisation status, for the duration of your enrolment with Federation University Australia.

Consent to hold and release process