Requesting library purchases

Order requests for library materials can be submitted as follows:

What can I request the Library to purchase?

Academic staff can request the Library to purchase copies of books, sound or video material, journals and databases, as well as kits and other realia, to support the teaching, learning and research activities of the University.

The Library will only purchase material that is to be made available via the Library, either on the shelves or through the Library website. We will not order personal or office copies for University staff. If you do need to order such items, we can provide advice on where you might be able to purchase them, email

What about textbooks and recommended readings?

The provision of textbooks by the Library is intended to be as a backup for students; the Library does not and cannot provide access to textbooks to every student when they need it. Often the Library is unable, owing to licensing restrictions, to provide access to an electronic version of prescribed texts.

What information do I need to send with my request?

You need to send as much information about the item as possible, as well as which campus library (if a physical item) you’d like the item located, and how many copies you think we need to purchase.

When will the Library contact me about my request?

The Library will contact you about your request if we:

  • have failed to find the item requested
  • need further approval for a subscription item from your head of School
  • If you have requested to be notified when the item arrives (this notification will generally be in the form of a holds alert notice)

The Library does not (unless you request it) let you know when an item you have requested arrives. The Library Catalogue is a real-time system, and the status of your request can be monitored by searching the title in the Catalogue.

What formats are available for requesting?

The Library will endeavour wherever possible to purchase electronic versions of requested items. The Library does so in an effort to provide equitable access to Library materials to both on and off-campus students, and to provide access to our students over a wide geographic area and at times when the physical library may be closed.

How do I find out about new publications?

Contact Library Acquisitions and let us know what you might be interested in. We can supply print catalogues, or emailed lists from our library suppliers of new titles in most subject areas.

Upon request we can compile tailored subject bibliographies from which selections can be made. This is a particularly useful service for academics and teachers who are preparing new units or revising reading lists.