Borrowing from other libraries

Eligible Federation University staff and students can obtain materials from other libraries. If you are a student at a Federation University partner provider institution, please contact us or your home library for information about borrowing from other libraries.

Please note: if you have overdue items at another institution's library, it could also impact your entitlement to borrow at Federation University Library.

CAVAL reciprocal borrowing program (Victoria)

CAVAL reciprocal borrowing program is a free Victorian borrowing program allowing students and staff of participating libraries to borrow material from other Victorian academic and TAFE libraries. You can easily register at any CAVAL member library when you go there or ask at your own University or TAFE Library. You will be given a CAVAL card which is valid until the last date shown on your institution's ID card or the 28th February of the following year. If you already have a CAVAL card and wish to enrol at a library after the date shown has passed, you must have your CAVAL card re-authorised. This can be done at any member library, and provided you are still in good standing, your card will be re-authorised. Please note that you will be required to present proof of your current enrolment. You may do this as often as is necessary throughout the year.

CAVAL Reciprocal Borrowing program FAQs (pdf, 180kb)

Visit the CAVAL website for the full list of participating institutions, as well as terms and conditions.

Reciprocal borrowing schemes - Australia and New Zealand

You need to produce your Federation University staff or student ID card and proof of current enrolment at the host library to register for:

Document delivery

Our Document delivery service is available to Federation University postgraduate students and staff who require access to materials that are held by other libraries in Australia or overseas.