Gifts and donations

Federation University Library welcomes offers of gifts and donations that enhance our research, teaching and cultural collections.

We accept donations of:

  • books, audiovisual materials and print serials
  • manuscript materials and artworks
  • financial gifts to support collection development
  • other material that may otherwise be of value to the Library and University.

We are also an eligible institution for donations under the Australian Government's Cultural Gifts Program, which provides the donor with a tax benefit.

For more information about gifting or donating to the library, view the Library gifts and donations guidelines (pdf, 49kb).

Make a gift or donation

Please contact us before sending or delivering gifts or donations. After we have discussed your offer we can accept small donations at any campus library or make arrangements for larger donations.

Donating published materials

If you would like to make a gift or donation of teaching, learning or research materials, please complete the Deed of Gift of Library Materials (pdf, 122kb).

Donating cultural materials

We accept offers of significant cultural donations that fit within the scope of our Gippsland and Regional Studies Collection (pdf, 81kb) or Historical Collection (pdf, 88kb).

If you would like to make a gift or donation of cultural materials, please complete the Deed of Gift of Cultural Materials (pdf, 122kb) and a non-exclusive licence (pdf, 176kb) where appropriate.

Donation Enquiries

Collection Management Librarian
Phone: 03 5327 8077