Federation University Australia Library has over 250,000 eBooks available to use, and our eBook collection is constantly growing. eBooks can be accessed in a number of ways, which may vary slightly depending on a particular title's publisher, or access routes provided by a particular provider.

There are two main ways to locate and access eBooks:

  • Many have individual entries in the Library catalogue. You will come across them in your normal searching, but instead of location/call number details, a hyperlink will be provided. All Federation University eBooks listed in the Library catalogue, can be found by a keyword, title, or author search in the catalogue. eBooks can be recognised in a search result by the blue eBook icon.
  • The Library has an eBooks FAQ to provide useful information about accessing eBooks.

Gateway to eBook resources

ProQuest eBook Central

ProQuest eBook Central titles can be accessed and read online via the button in the left hand navigation pane, which also allows direct links to chapters and sections of the book. Please note you will require Adobe Acrobat 6.0.2 or higher to view ProQuest eBook Central titles. Note that pop-ups will need to be allowed/enabled.

In accordance with Australian copyright legislation, limited printing and copying is allowed of a ProQuest eBook Central eBook - once those limits are reached, ProQuest eBook Central software will prohibit further copying for that particular user.

Some ProQuest eBook Central eBooks allow a user to download the title, either for a period of two days, or four days. Note that Adobe Digital Editions is required to enable downloading and viewing of titles.

Further information on ProQuest eBook Central is available from the ProQuest eBook Central.

LWWonline (Ovid)

LWWonline is a package of more than 300 eBooks in medicine and nursing from the publishers Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. LWWonline (Ovid) is provided via the Ovid website.

LWWonline (Ovid) eBooks titles appear individually via the Library catalogue and via the Ovid website. LWWonline (Ovid) titles are in HTML format.

EBSCO eBook collection

EBSCO eBook Collection titles appear individually via the Library catalogue.

From the Library catalogue, you are taken directly to an entry for the individual title. Select "View this eBook" to browse contents or search within the full-text of the eBook. EBSCO eBook titles are provided as PDF files.*

For further information about using EBSCO eBooks, visit the help pages on their website.

Oxford Reference Online

Oxford Reference Online titles appear individually via the Library catalogue.

The collection contains a variety of general and subject specific reference resources. This includes English dictionaries, thesauri, English language reference titles, visual references, bilingual dictionaries, subject dictionaries and companion guides.

Information for new users of Oxford Reference Online is available on their website.

The Library also subscribes to the Oxford English Dictionary online.


The Library has access to the 2005-2020 Springer eBook collections which includes all their eBooks published in those years, as well as Lecture Note Series and eReference Work titles. Subject coverage includes: Architecture, design and arts; behavioural sciences, humanities, social sciences and law; business and economics; computer science and mathematics; medicine, biomedicine and life sciences; chemistry and material sciences, earth and environmental science, engineering, and physics and astronomy.

Springer titles appear individually via the Library catalogue, and via the Springer eBook web page.

The SpringerLink platform is the access point for all Springer's electronic publishing so while you can search for just eBooks, it is also possible to search for information in Springer eJournals and other publications at the same time.

Wiley eBook collection

Federation University has purchased a selection of eBooks published by Wiley in the following subject areas: business; earth & environmental science; engineering & computer science; food science; mathematics & statistics; nursing; and psychology.

Wiley eBook titles are accessible individually via the Library catalogue. Wiley eBooks are in PDF format.*

Public domain collections

There is also a wide variety of publicly available eBooks on the world wide web. Examples include:

Directory Open Access Books (DOAB)

Directory Open Access Books is a discovery service for peer-reviewed books published under an open access licence. DOAB provides a searchable index to the information about these books, with links to the full texts of the publications at the publisher's website or repository.

DOAB provides access to over 1000 academic peer-reviewed books from several different publishers and can be accessed from the DOAB website. Titles also appear individually in the Library catalogue. DOAB access is provided by individual publishers via links to the publisher's website. Individual publishers may provide access to the publications in a variety of file formats.

CSIRO Publishing

CSIRO Publishing titles appear individually in the Library catalogue

From the Library catalogue, you are taken directly to the Proquest Central for the eBook. The eBooks can be read online via the 'Read online' or 'Download my book' buttons which are displayed below the eBook title, which also allows direct links to chapters and sections of the book.