Researchers on track to revolutionise truck steering

Federation University researchers have teamed up with Australia’s largest semi-trailer maker to develop a ‘virtual rail’ steering system to make trucks safer for other road users and reduce road damage in urban areas.

How the visual arts will re-emerge from lockdown

17 September 2020

The Post Office Gallery has had to get creative for the shows to go on after the premature end of a key exhibition and the cancellation of others.

Coronavirus – advice for staff and students

25 September 2020

The following advice is provided to help our staff and students understand the recommendations of Australian authorities and the measures being taken, to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Australia.

Drawing inspiration from the past to transform lives

22 September 2020

Liam Sloan credits the VET sector for transforming his life and giving him opportunities that he otherwise would never have had.

Thank you for supporting our essential workers of tomorrow

16 September 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that this year has been a tumultuous one for many of us, and even more so for those who work in education and health.

The imagination muscle

15 September 2020

Amid the lockdown, staff and students are building skills that can be used to problem-solve, visualise and experiment with ideas and materials, contributing to communities, workplaces and industries.

Let’s stop self-isolating when we no longer have to self-isolate

9 September 2020

If we as a society are going to move forward towards better mental health outcomes beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, we need to find a way to better engage with our communities and the people around us.

Program inspires emerging STEM leaders

7 September 2020

A Federation University researcher will take part in a STEM leadership program that is supporting mid-career women who want to progress into leadership roles across academia, government and industry.

Overcoming hydrogen’s burning issue

1 September 2020

A hydrogen project in the Latrobe Valley that is tapping into the abundant reserves of brown coal long used to produce electricity could be a game-changer for energy generation.