COVID safety at Federation University and Federation TAFE

9 September 2022

Federation University Australia offers welcoming and safe regional campuses and high-quality teaching and learning across TAFE, higher education and research.

Why we lack digital empathy and how we can cultivate it

7 September 2022

Cyber abuse, including cyberbullying and internet trolling is a growing problem in Australia, where one in five young people have experienced harassment, social media exclusion, or online abuse.

Self-care through self-compassion

6 September 2022

During this Women’s Health Week, we need to spend time on ourselves to develop our self-care skills, writes Dr Lynne Reeder.

Why we need to take care of our ED nurses

6 September 2022

As a community, we may now be living with COVID-19, but the pressure on our healthcare front line is not over for our ED nurses.

Menzies Oration Series presents, Do I have a future? A better deal for young people in Australia

1 September 2022

VIDEO  Federation University co-hosted the 2022 Menzies Foundation Oration 'Do I have a future? A better deal for young people in Australia'.


Harnessing the power of many

1 September 2022

CeRDI has been instrumental in a citizen science project monitoring the 150g migratory shorebird known as Latham’s snipe. Now it is also assessing the value of the urban wetlands the bird uses.

Surging global demand creates opportunity for versatile plants

29 August 2022

Researchers are trialing the economic potential of industrial hemp, a crop that produces both fibre and seeds that can be used in products as far ranging as textiles, biofuel and building materials.

From biopolymers to recycled tyres — research could pave the way for better roads

25 August 2022

Scorching summers and cold, wet winters are contributing to the poor quality of our roads – a double whammy for engineers who have to deal with clay soils that move as the seasons change.

A cooperative way to meet the skills needs of our regional communities

19 August 2022

Federation University’s history dates back to 1870 when the School of Mines, a teaching institution serving a city riding high on rivers of gold, was opened in response to the needs of the time.

Creating habitat for native wildlife

11 August 2022

VIDEO  Student and staff volunteers are planting indigenous trees and shrubs along a boundary of Federation University’s Mt Helen campus. The plants will help protect birds, possums, kangaroos and koalas.


Helping rural businesses flourish

11 August 2022

One of the clearest pictures of issues affecting small businesses in rural Australia has emerged from a large study in western Victoria.

'Cleaning' shark teeth could have surprising benefits for humans

2 August 2022

Researchers are catching some of Australia’s largest species of sharks and cleaning their teeth in a vast study aiming to understand the microbes living inside the sharks.

Creating positive legacies through sport

29 July 2022

With Australia hosting major sporting events over the next decade, there's work to be done to get the best result for the communities staging them.

Navigating relaxed restrictions during a pandemic

28 July 2022

Isn’t COVID-19 getting weaker? I’ve been vaccinated – why aren’t I fully protected? The recent findings that may help people decide on the ‘right’ balance of protection for themselves.

Making hospitals more accessible for First Nations people

25 July 2022

A Federation University researcher says changes are needed in hospitals so that First Nations people feel welcome, safe, understood and able to access full medical care.

Keeping women and girls in sport

21 July 2022

Federation University researchers are identifying strategies to increase women’s participation in sports and to understand the many barriers deterring them from participating in physical activity.

Reskilling and upskilling: overcoming manufacturing’s regional challenges

15 July 2022

The pandemic has highlighted the fragility of supply chains and the need for manufacturers to adapt and look at human resources they may not have previously considered.

High achievers to target learning disadvantage

8 July 2022

Federation University will prepare and support high-achieving pre-service teachers in a program targeting learning disadvantage throughout Victoria.

Innovation champions enhance the student experience

4 July 2022

A pilot project between Adobe and Federation has seen academic and teaching staff from across higher education and TAFE selected to serve as innovation champions and showcase digital capability.

Hip flexors get weak when we sit too much – but simple stretches and strengthening exercises can leave you less stiff

4 July 2022

I am sure you’ve been told you should stand and move away from your desk or use a standing desk where possible. One of the major benefits of doing this is to activate and stretch the hip flexor area.

Solving sheep’s can of worms

1 July 2022

Tiny worms in sheep and goats cause one of the biggest problems in the meat and wool industries. Affecting health, reproduction rates and wool production, worms can cripple a farming enterprise.

Research shows tropical cyclones have decreased alongside human-caused global warming – but don’t celebrate yet

28 June 2022

The annual number of tropical cyclones forming globally decreased by about 13 per cent during the 20th century compared to the 19th, according to research published in Nature Climate Change.

HEDx event – Gender Equity and Inclusion

22 June 2022

VIDEO  What is the current position of Australian universities in advancing gender equity and inclusion, and how do we accelerate our progress? HEDx posed these questions at an important discussion.

Developing reliable energy systems for remote communities

21 June 2022

Federation University researchers are working on the development of microgrid power systems that could provide energy to remote towns where power has been cut in extreme weather conditions.

Tech research with bite

16 June 2022

Electric toothbrushes that can track which part of your mouth you are brushing could have significant implications for oral health care, particularly for children and the elderly.