Parking at Federation University

There are many parking spaces at our campuses, but demand can be high especially in the first weeks of each Semester.  Permits are available so please make sure you have one as our enforcement officers will be out there patrolling the carparks.  Please see our Parking Procedure.

Parking at each of our Campuses

Visitor parking is available at all campuses and some areas are free.  Mt Helen and Churchill campuses have a number of free all day parking.

Paying for Parking

Casual Parking – Berwick, Mt Helen and SMB campuses

Casual parking can be purchased by the hour or by the day through our ‘pay-as-you-go’ system.  The first hour is free, then $2.00 per hour or $6.00 for the day.  It is suggested to get a ticket through the CellOPark parking app, which is free to download.

You will need to use the relevant CellOPark zone number for registration.

Campus CellOPark - Zone Number

Berwick Campus1300407

Mt Helen1300407

SMB Campus1300407

Zone 7 and Zone 4

Students and staff who park on campus regularly can purchase a Zone 7 or Zone 4 permit annually or for the semester.  Staff can have the cost taken from their salary, if it makes things easier.  Zone 7 and Zone 4 parking applications are handled through our online vPermit system.  Manage your Zone 7 and Zone 4 permit on your desktop or smartphone via the vPermit App. (

Tenants and Contractors

Tenants and contractors wishing to apply for a Zone & and Zone 4 parking permit should email directly.

Official University Guests

Schools and Departments requiring daily visitor permits for official university guests should email directly.

Accessible Parking

Australian Disability Parking (ADP) and Double Time (DT) Permits

All campuses have accessible parking spaces to support students, staff and visitors who have a valid accessible parking permit issued for their use.

An ADP permit can be used and allows the permit holder to:

  • park a vehicle in an accessible parking bay for the time displayed on the sign, or
  • park in a standard parking bay for double the time displayed on the parking sign.

A valid ADP permit must be displayed to park in these areas.  A Federation University parking permit is not required. If an accessible parking space is unavailable, vehicles displaying a valid disabled permit may also park in Zone 7 or Zone 4 permitted areas.

A DT permit allows the permit holder, as the driver or passenger, to park in a standard parking bay for double the time on the parking sign.  Vehicles displaying a DT permit are permitted to park in a Zone 7 or Zone 4 permitted areas.

Motorbikes, Scooters and Bicycles

Free parking is available for all types of bikes at Federation University.

You can park your motorbike or scooter in designated bays, bike racks and bike cages for bicycles are available.

Received a Parking Infringement?

Parking infringement notices may be issued on campus for illegally parked vehicles.

Infringements may be issued for example -

  • parking permits not electronically purchased (vPermit or CellOPark)
  • expired parking permits
  • vehicles that don't have a valid permit for the zone in which the vehicle is parked
  • vehicles parked in areas other than a marked parking bay.

Instructions for paying infringements are noted on the reverse side on the parking infringement notice.

The person issued with the parking infringement notice, or person acting on his or her behalf, may apply to have the decision to serve the parking infringement notice internally reviewed by the enforcement agency under the Act.  All requests for review are handled by Bartels, Taylor and Associates on behalf of Federation University.

To lodge an appeal for internal review, visit and Federation University Australia as the Agency Name.

Written requests are also accepted and must include –

full particulars of the infringement;

your name;

your address;

and to be sent to -

Review - Federation University Australia 
PO Box 577 
Melton VIC 3337