Brand guidelines

Brand guidelines are an important tool, to help deliver a single, recognisable and concise message across all our communications.

Watch this short tutorial video (<9min)

(This video is located in FedFlix which requires staff login. If you don't have access please log a job with ITS)

The Brand Library on SharePoint contains logos and templates.

You have been given access to folders based on the area you work within. Please note that folders will continue to be updated as material becomes available.

If you require access to another folder: please request access by clicking on the folder and providing a description.

If you require templates that are not currently available: please log a job via the Marketing Service Now Portal

Print Centre collateral: The Print Centre is in the process of updating their systems to enable printing of material with the new brand. Turnaround times may be extended over June / July 2019, so please allow adequate lead-time.

Digital Style Guide

Our Digital Style Guide is a commitment to more considered content. Spelling, grammar, punctuation and formatting all contribute to the quality of our content. For queries relating to written content please email