Brand guidelines

Our Brand guidelines are an important tool, to help deliver a single, recognisable and concise message across all of our communications.

Watch this tutorial video (< 9 min) (Staff login required.)

Brand library

This has been created to provide all staff with a central point to obtain commonly requested brand items (collateral) - including logos, imagery and templates. The brand library is located online (SharePoint) and can be accessed from anywhere using your staff login details.

Additionally, you may have access to restricted access folders based on the area you work within.

The library is being updated regularly with new templates and other collateral.

If you require access to another folder: please request access by clicking on the folder and providing a description.

If you require templates that are not currently available: please log a job via the Marketing portal

Print Centre collateral: The Print Centre can print material with the new brand.

Federation templates

These templates are available for all staff.

Word templates

  • Meeting documentation (Minutes and agenda)
  • Letterhead
  • Folder covers/spines
  • Report documents
  • Event collateral (printable name tags, table place cards etc)
  • Certificates
  • Memorandum

Digital Style Guide

Our Digital Style Guide is a commitment to more considered content, especially in the online environment. Spelling, grammar, punctuation, consistency and formatting all contribute to the quality of our content. For queries relating to content please email