Credit card expense management

The University has rolled out a new online travel booking and expense management system (Concur). The Concur system has replaced the FlexiPurchase system as the University’s means to manage purchasing card transactions, whether travel related or for routine purchases.

Download the Purchase Card Processing Quick Reference Guide (pdf, 352kb)

Log in to Concur

Download the Department and Project ready reckoner (xlsx, 103kb) Provides the Faculty and Location code for all Departments and Projects

Concur training

Access the Concur training materials (videos, detailed PDF instructions, and webinar recording) here.

Adding a delegate to your Concur profile

You can nominate a delegate within Concur to manage your credit card expenses on your behalf.

Download the instructions to add a delegate to your Concur profile (pdf, 126kb)

Policy and procedures

Purchasing card holders are expected to be familiar with the following:

Applying for a Federation purchase card

A card may be issued to a Council or staff member where:

  • The Council or staff member's functions and duties involve regular procurement on behalf of the University.
  • The Council or staff member has a financial delegation and obtains approval from their Certifying Officer (your authorising officer) and the Accountable Officer (within Finance).
  • The staff member is not a casual or sessional employee.

To access the NAB Purchasing Card Application, please first complete a Financial Delegation Application, ticking the 'Delegation to Purchase' check box. The link to the NAB Purchasing Card Application is embedded in Section B of the Financial Delegation Application. Both completed applications should then be lodged via the Service Desk portal.