Accounts payable

The Accounts Payable section is primarily responsible for payments to University vendors (individuals or organisations to whom the University owes money), independent contractor payments, overseas payments, staff reimbursements and vendor approval. Assistance is also available with requisitions and purchase orders.


Financial Services HUB

Phone: 03 5327 8808 or email:

Payment of invoices

We process one weekly creditor payment run, with payment being based on 30 days from invoice date. Timely payment is determined by the following criteria being met:

1. Purchase order raised prior to purchase

All purchases must be made using a FedUni purchase order, and purchase orders must be raised prior to purchase via the eProcurement module in myFinance.

There are a number of different types of orders that can be placed, dependent upon what is being purchased:

Standard order

A standard order is used to purchase most goods/services, and requires the user to manually enter the details of the goods/services, including a description, price, quantity, vendor, Chartfields, etc.

Instructions on how to create a standard order is available to download from the myFinance Resources page.

Amount only order (standing order)

Amount Only orders are typically used for goods that are ordered / delivered on a regular basis, and may cover a period of 1 to 12 months. Examples of this include purchases of food items by the Conference & Catering or Hospitality areas, or newspaper and milk deliveries to all areas of the University.

Instructions on how to create and receipt Amount Only orders are available to download from the myFinance Resources page.

Purchase of assets

Assets (capital expenditure) are defined as buildings, equipment, plant and machinery, furniture and library books costing individually $5,000 (ex-GST) or more which are not consumed in one accounting period. Orders for asset purchases require the use of specific Category codes, Chartfields (Account + Project codes) and the insertion of the appropriate ad-hoc approver(s).

Instructions on how to create an order for an asset purchase are available from the myFinance Resources page.

2. Goods receipt created in myFinance

The requester of the goods or services is responsible for ensuring they complete a goods receipt entry in the system. After a purchase order is despatched, the Vendor ships the goods/provides the requested service. When the goods arrive/service is completed, users are required to create a Goods Receipt in myFinance to record the goods as 'received'.

Finance cannot make payment to a vendor if the requester has not completed a goods receipt in myFinance.

Once entered, the invoice will be paid within 30 days provided the invoice matches the goods receipt.

Instructions on how to create goods receipts are available from the myFinance Resources page.

3. Tax invoice sent to Finance

All invoices should be sent directly to Accounts Payable, PO Box 663, Mount Helen 3353. This address appears as the 'bill to' address on the purchase order. If you receive an invoice with your goods, please forward it to Finance for processing.

Finance cannot make payment to a vendor without the invoice (original or a copy).

Electronic invoices can be sent to

Availability of vendors in myFinance

Ensure the vendor you wish to use has been approved before contracting them to provide goods or services. Failure to do so could result in significant delays in payment. Vendors of services must meet the Independent Contractor assessment criteria (please see Independent Contractors for more information).

New vendors

The 'Vendor Application Form' should be used to request a new vendor to be entered onto the system or to update an existing vendor's details where necessary. This form, as well as information about the process and instructions, can be found on the Completion of Vendor Application Form Guidelines page.

The usual time-frame for vendors to be added to the system is approximately 2 - 3 days from receipt of the completed form (provided the form has been completed correctly, there are no discrepancies in the information supplied, and it has been approved by the Strategic Procurement Manager).

Existing (approved) vendors

To check if a vendor already exists within myFinance:

  1. In the left-menu, navigate to eProcurement > Create Requisition.
  2. Enter a Requester (if required) and click 'OK'.
  3. Click 'Continue'.
  4. Click the 'Vendor ID Lookup' button.
  5. To search for a vendor, enter part of the vendor's name. For example, if searching for Wines Office Furniture, enter the word wine, then click 'Find' and the system will return all entries with this word as part of the vendor name. Avoid entering the vendor's entire name into this field. A good tip is to try and pick the most obscure part of the name to search on.
  6. If you are unable to locate the vendor you wish to use, see 'New vendors', above.
  7. If the vendor already exists within the system, simply navigate back to the 'Define Requisition' page to enter the Requisition Name, then add the desired items/services and complete the requisition as usual.

Policies, procedures and guidelines

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