Purchase of additional leave (46/52, 48/52 or 50/52)

Academic and general staff

To support staff with family or other commitments there are options available for full-time staff to adopt a 46/48/50-week year for a negotiated 12-month period. The salary paid to them will be 46/52, 48/52 or 50/52 of their full-time salary.

Within the nominated 12-month period staff are able to apply to have two weeks (50/52) or four weeks (48/52) additional annual leave, with a proportionate reduction in salary spread over the full year. All six (50/52) or eight (48/52) weeks leave must be taken during the 12-month period for which approval has been given.

In specific circumstances, an employee and the University may agree to a more flexible employment cycle arrangement, provided it does not extend beyond a 46/52 week employment cycle for a 12-month period. A 46/52 week arrangement would allow a staff member to have six weeks of additional leave.

During the period of a 46/48/50-week scheme annual, sick and long service leave will continue to accrue at the normal full-time rate.

Employees can choose to have their superannuation contributions reduced to the applicable rate, or elect to maintain both their employee and employer UniSuper contributions at the full-time rate (this would be an additional cost deducted from your fortnightly pay).

Download the calculator to view the effect purchasing leave will have on your salary (xlsx, 49kb).

How to apply

Academic and general/professional staff

  • Fully understand your 46/48/50-week employment cycle entitlements and options.
  • See link below and/or discuss your situation and plans confidentially with People and Culture (+61 3 5327 9756 or pc@federation.edu.au).
  • Discuss superannuation details with Ambra Sandwith, Manager, Payroll and Benefits (+61 3 5327 9519).
  • Negotiate arrangements with your supervisor.
  • Submit a written request to your supervisor, detailing your leave schedule for the 12-month period. The relevant Executive Dean/Director or PVC must then endorse this request, making sure that working arrangements for the area are adequately covered, and forward the request to People and Culture. People and Culture will then write to you, confirming details.
  • To extend your current 46/48/50-week arrangements you must re-negotiate with your supervisor annually.

TAFE teaching staff

No 46/48/50-week entitlements are available for TAFE teaching staff.

Enterprise agreement - extracts

Link to detailed information on entitlements and conditions relevant to a 46/48/50-week year:

Purchased leave - Academic and General staff
Federation University Australia Union Enterprise Agreement 2019–2021,
Academic and General Staff Employees
Link to: Clause 30 (pdf, 15kb)

Please note the 'provisions/entitlements' above do not apply to casual or sessional staff members.