Academic promotion

Academic promotion aims to recognise and reward individual performance and leadership in academic work at the University.  Academic work includes learning and teaching, research and creativity, and leadership, engagement and academic citizenship.

Academic promotion is aligned to the strategic goals and priorities of the University, together with our living values of inclusion, innovation, excellence, empowerment and collaboration.

The Academic Promotion (Higher Education) procedure applies to applicants seeking promotion to academic levels B, C, D and E.

New for 2024

The procedure has been updated this year to include the introduction of a ‘Learning and teaching focus’ stream, and the introduction of a PhD and Doctoral equivalency for Level C applicants.  These innovations make Federation University’s academic promotion process accessible to even more of our academic workforce.

1.Ensure you meet the Academic Promotion eligibility criteria
2.Familiarise yourself with the Academic Promotion (Higher Education) Procedure
3.Discuss your intention to submit with your supervisor and/or Director, Academic Operations (or equivalent)
 Things to discuss include:
  • what type of application will you be submitting? Standard or focused?
  • are you ready for promotion?
  • who will mentor you in the academic promotion process and provide you feedback on your application before submission?
  • who will you ask to write your leadership reports?
  • Level B and C only – who will you ask to be your referee(s)?
  • Level D and E only – who will you nominate as potential independent assessor(s)?
  • what documentation and/or data can you provide as evidence of achievement and impact to support your application?
  • is your data up to date in IRMA/Web of Science?
  • should you include a case for achievement relative to opportunity?
4.Attend an Academic promotion information session
5.Complete the online Intention to submit form by 28 June 2024.
1.Complete the Academic Promotion Application Form (docx, 210kb)
 Tips for your application:
  • ensure you describe not just your achievements, but also the impact of your achievements
  • allow a minimum of three weeks to obtain your leadership reports (the reports on each area of achievement do not have to be completed by the same person)
  • allow a minimum of three weeks to obtain your Director, Academic Operations (or equivalent)’s recommendation
  • Levels B and C only – ensure you have included your referees
  • Levels D and E only – ensure you have submitted a completed Independent assessor nomination form (docx, 153kb) to your Director, Academic Operations (or equivalent)
  • check that you’ve completed all relevant sections and adhered to the word limits
  • seek feedback from a mentor, your supervisor and/or other experienced applicant on your application before you submit.
2.Complete your CV template (docx, 158kb) in accordance with the Academic Promotion (Higher Education) Procedure
3.Collate any evidence to support your application in a SharePoint folder
4.Submit your completed application form, CV and shared folder of evidence as specified in the call for applications process.



Intention to submit

17–28 June 2024

Academic promotions call – applications open

1 July 2024 – 30 August 2024

Information session

Mon, 24 June (2:00pm - 3:00 pm) or
Thu, 27 June (11:00 am - 12:00 pm)

Register for an Academic promotion information session

Research DIYTBA – June 2024

Applications close

30 August 2024 at 5:00 pm

Committee meetings

During October 2023

Promotions into effect

1 January 2025