About web publishing

Our website is:

  • a core business and communication tool, providing information and services for our students and staff
  • a core marketing and promotional tool locally, nationally and internationally

The Purpose, Aims, Objectives and Principles statement is our guiding strategic document. It outlines what we aim to achieve through our site and who our key audiences are.

Our web publishing community has a vital role to play in ensuring that we maintain a high-quality, relevant and useful website. To assist you, we provide a range of services through this site.

Who does what

The Web Management Guidelines provide detail about roles and responsibilities for the site. These are summarised below.

Information Technology Services

  • Responsible for centrally administering our corporate web presence.
  • Provide support, advice, training, CMS administration, web development services.
  • Has technical responsibility for supporting our web presence.

Service Desk

  • The first point of contact for all web-related requests for support, troubleshooting and advice.


  • Provide advice on the use of the University logo and branding on the website.

The University community

  • Each area of the University has responsibility for creating and maintaining web content within their designated area(s) of the website.