Resources and assistance

If you need guidance with the tone, the language or the feel of your message, or simply would like someone to cast an eye over what you have prepared, we have support available to you. Contact our Student Communications team who can provide you with feedback and advice.

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Federation branding and Microsoft Office templates Access the SharePoint Brand Library (staff permission required).
Federation social media guidelines Be familiar with the social media policy, procedures and guidelines.
Federation website guidelines Read our website standards and guidelines.
Plain language tips Office of Parliamentary Counsel
Victoria Law Foundation
Plain Language Association International
Microsoft Word reading statistics Go to and search for ‘readability’.
Australian spelling
Grammar check

Writing check-list

To maximise the effectiveness of your message, work through the Writing Check-list (pdf, 272kb).


  • Do I know who my target audience is?
  • Have I chosen the best method to communicate with them?
  • Is there a clear, single purpose to my message?
  • Have I thought about the benefits to my audience?
  • Will the audience know what I want them to do or understand?


  • Is my subject line engaging and descriptive?
  • Is my message logically structured with the important information at the top?
  • Have I told the reader everything they need to know?
  • Have I told them how to find more information?
  • Have I used clear and simple language?
  • Is my message positive and encouraging?


  • Have I reviewed my writing using the 'Writing Toolkit'?


  • Have I tested my message or asked for feedback?
  • Have I rewritten my message if necessary?


  • Has my message been thoroughly proofread?

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