Available courses

Free, two-hour courses in a range of OHS-related topics are provided in-house by Health, Safety and Wellbeing staff.  Scheduled courses will be advertised from time to time via FedNews.  To enrol, or express interest, please email ohs@federation.edu.au

Better Understanding and Preventing Stress

For managers, supervisors, Safety Officers, HSRs

  • Definition and significance of work stress
  • Types of interventions
  • Prevention

Bomb Threats

For customer service and front line staff

  • Responding appropriately to phoned, written or verbal bomb threats
  • Identifying suspect mail items and other objects, and taking appropriate steps

Dealing with Aggressive/Difficult Customers

For any staff member who may be exposed to difficult or aggressive interaction with a customer/student/member of the public

  • Sources of aggression
  • Risk assessment and the ‘aggression continuum’
  • Pre-emptive planning – organisational and personal
  • Situational awareness
  • Incident response techniques
  • Self-defence protocols and post-incident procedures
  • Scenarios

Emergency Management for Area Wardens and Deputies

Effectively managing:

  • General emergencies
  • Building and campus evacuations
  • Specific emergencies (e.g. serious injury/illness, threats, etc)

This module is also available online and can be completed any time. See our Online training page.

General Incident and Emergency Management

For managers, supervisors, Safety Officers, HSRs

This session assists in:

  • Defining and ensuring appropriate levels of first aid cover
  • Dealing with injuries and illnesses within the University environment
  • Planning for emergencies: drawing up local emergency instructions, selecting Area Wardens, conducting drills, etc.

This module is also available online and can be completed any time. See our Online training page.

Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Control (HIRAC)

  • Identifying hazards, assessing and controlling risks for existing or new activities, equipment and substances, items of plant and projects
  • Reporting hazards and resolving issues
  • Managing the OHS aspects of workplace change

Hazardous Substances and Dangerous Goods

For managers, supervisors, technical staff, Safety Officers, HSRs

  • Definitions of hazardous substances and dangerous goods
  • How to use and store different classes of chemicals
  • Introduction to Safety Data Sheets and how to access and interpret them
  • Determining the need for signage, markings, placards

Incident Reporting and Investigating

For managers, supervisors, Safety Officers, HSRs

  • Reporting: near-miss and minor incidents, injuries and serious incidents, emergencies
  • Determining why and when investigation is warranted
  • Using appropriate investigative techniques
  • Documenting results of investigations, and identifying and implementing appropriate corrective actions.

Lock Out Tag Out

For technical and workshop staff, trades personnel, TAFE teachers

  • Overview of Federation procedure
  • Introduction to lock-out equipment and tagging system

Manual Handling

Focuses primarily on designing manual handling tasks to be safer. Correct lifting techniques are only covered briefly.

  • Identifying hazardous manual handling tasks
  • Assessing manual handling risks
  • Selecting and implementing control strategies for manual handling risks

Preventing Workplace Violence

For managers, supervisors, Safety Officers, HSRs

  • What is workplace violence
  • The law as it applies to workplace violence
  • Five steps to violence prevention
  • Response procedures for violent incidents in the workplace

Safety Data Sheets

For staff who come into contact with chemicals in the workplace

  • What are they?
  • Where can they be obtained?
  • Where are they kept at Federation?
  • Why are they needed?

Other training

In-house courses facilitated by an external provider. A course fee may apply.

Fire Safety and Extinguisher Training (3 hours, theory and practical)

This nationally-accredited short course provides information and skills required to use a fire extinguisher, hose reel and fire blanket safely and effectively in the workplace.

Mental Health First Aid (Blended Delivery, or 2 days face-to-face)

Limited in-house training will be provided.  We recommend enrolling in online training through mhfa.com.au