There are several schemes the University may use for sponsoring overseas employees. Sponsorship applications are managed by People and Culture, who can provide assistance with this process.

Types of sponsorship

These guidelines cannot provide extensive details regarding sponsorship, because the provisions are complex and change regularly.  For assistance in assessing the best type of sponsorship, please contact Human Resources. Further details on sponsoring an employee may be studied on the DIAC website.

The following principles may assist in understanding the prevailing legislation:

Permanent sponsorship

Permanent sponsorship applies when an overseas applicant wishes to migrate to Australia.  As a rule, this is based on the applicant filling a specialist position that is difficult to fill within Australia.  It is generally more difficult to obtain permanent residency for applicants who cannot demonstrate a certain standard of English (as determined by DIAC), or who are over the age of 45; however exceptions may be sought under special circumstances.

The contract of employment must be for a minimum period (usually two years) and more often than not must be full-time, depending on the employer obligations applicable to the specific Visa.

Temporary sponsorship

Temporary sponsorship enables the University to employ applicants from overseas where the job offer doesn't meet the requirement for permanent residency.  The University generally uses the Temporary Business (Long Stay) visa, which allows for sponsorship from three months to four years.


The sponsoring employer may be responsible for a number of financial obligations in addition to the sponsorship application costs, including:

  • An obligation to pay travel costs to enable sponsored persons to leave Australia; and
  • An obligation to pay costs incurred by the Commonwealth to locate and remove an unlawful non-citizen.

An employee who has a temporary work visa may decide they wish to stay in Australia.  The University may apply to sponsor such an employee to become a permanent resident if they meet the relevant requirements.

DIAC monitoring and audits

As a sponsoring employer the University will be required from time to time to provide monitoring and/or auditing reports to DIAC.  This information can include both consolidated statistics regarding the totality of overseas employees, and individual information regarding specific employees.

Information for subclass 457 visa holders

DIAC has developed information for Subclass 457 visa holders which clarifies their obligations.

As it is important that subclass 457 visa holders are aware of their obligations please visit Department of Home Affairs website for further information.