Staff exit form

Staff Exit form is required for each employee ceasing employment at Federation University Australia.

After receiving an employee's resignation, the manager/supervisor must ensure the exiting employee commences a Staff Exit form, or initiates the exit form where this may not be possible.

Please note: the Staff Exit form does not replace the need for a manager/supervisor to accept and forward the employee’s resignation to HR.

The online form is the formal request for the employee to return any University property, and includes the following areas:

  • Library Services
  • Information Technology Services (ITS)
  • Finance
  • Property and Infrastructure
  • Risk, Health and Safety

After the Staff Exit form is submitted, an email notification is sent to the manager/supervisor as confirmation of the request and displays the employee’s name and date of departure.

Technical support

Can't find the answer to your question above? For all enquiries relating to:

  • login credentials
  • login issues, or
  • form functionality issues

Contact the ITS Service Desk by telephoning 1800 333 864 or log a job via the Service Desk portal.