Leave and work/life balance

This web resource was developed to inform staff of their options and the assistance available at Federation to assist them to balance their work and family/personal responsibilities. It includes information on current entitlements under awards, workplace agreements and policies.

To understand the best possible use of these awards, workplace agreements and policies, staff, managers and teams need to work together to develop the best arrangements for their particular situation. This resource provides staff and managers with information and tools to assist in negotiations, and to provide pointers for where to go for further assistance.

Below you will find information on a range of topics relevant to work/family/personal life balance, and links to existing entitlements, policies and resources.

Leave entitlements and policies

Other relevant entitlements, policies and facilities

Additional resources

Contact us

People and Culture can provide confidential advice and assistance to staff for queries on your work/family/personal life balance at Federation.

Contacts for concerns in accessing entitlements and policies

People and Culture (+61 3 5327 9756 or pc@federation.edu.au), can provide advice and assistance to staff and/or managers where there is need for interpretation of, or lack or agreement about, staff access to entitlements under awards, enterprise agreements, policies and resources.

Equity and Diversity (+61 3 5327 8104 or equity@federation.edu.au) can provide confidential advice and assistance to staff who have concerns about fairly accessing work options to assist work/family/personal life balance relevant to equal opportunity policies and legislation.

For staff who are union members, your union representative can also provide assistance if you feel that you are being treated unfairly or unreasonably.