Conversion to part-time

Academic and general staff

Academic and general staff employed on a continuing basis with a time fraction greater than 0.5, can apply to reduce their fraction to no less than 0.5 whilst retaining their continuing status. If approved, staff will experience no change in their terms and conditions of employment except that their salary and their workload will be reduced pro rata to equate to their new time fraction. Staff should note that changing their status from full-time to part-time may have superannuation ramifications.

TAFE teaching staff

TAFE teaching staff who are full-time can apply for a temporary adjustment of their position to part-time. Reversion to the full-time position will generally occur after 12 months.

Regular part-time employment may be available to allow teachers to work a portion of the normal workload of a full-time teacher.

How to apply for conversion to part-time

  • Fully understand your conversion to part-time entitlements and options.
  • Negotiate arrangements with your supervisor.  (Your supervisor then submits this as a 'change a job' request in Workday.)

You can also discuss your situation and plans confidentially with People and Culture (raise a case in Workday).

More information

For detailed information on leave entitlements and conditions for different staff categories, please refer to your relevant enterprise agreement:

Please note the 'provisions/entitlements' above do not apply to casual or sessional staff members.