Purpose, aims, objectives and principles


Our corporate website is:

  • a core business and communication tool, providing information and services for our students and staff
  • a core marketing and promotional tool locally, nationally and internationally.


Our corporate website aims to contribute to the University's strategies and priorities by:

  • Promoting the University's brand, values, capabilities, expertise and activities
  • Attracting and recruiting people to study here
  • Providing information and services that are responsive to our internal user and business needs
  • Facilitating relationships with business, industry and the community.


To meet these aims our corporate website will focus on the following objectives:

  • Attracting and recruiting new students
  • Articulating the University's brand and communicating its values
  • Being a relevant and accessible information source for our current students
  • Facilitating core business by being an internal communication and management tool for staff
  • Promoting the University's research and programs
  • Promoting our excellence in teaching and research
  • Providing consistent, up-to-date information
  • Facilitating good service provision
  • Providing accessible user and task-oriented content.


Two principles guide all development on our corporate website:

  • a visitor to the site should be able to navigate around in a consistent, reliable fashion, without risk of getting lost in the web of information.
  • a visitor to the site, whether they are internal or external to the organisation, should not have to understand and navigate the University's organisational structure in order to locate relevant information, resources, or services.

Target audiences

The corporate website caters for a range of audiences, including internal and external groups.

External audience includes:

  • Prospective students (domestic, international, TAFE, undergraduate and postgraduate)
  • Parents, secondary schools, international agents
  • Community, business and industry
  • Alumni
  • Media
  • Government bodies.

Internal audience includes:

  • Current students (domestic, international, secondary school, TAFE, undergraduate and postgraduate)
  • Staff (academic, professional, general)
  • Research higher degree students
  • Partner-providers
  • Partner-provider students.