Student Appeals Committee

The Student Appeals Committee meets as required to hear and determine appeals relating to students who have had an adverse decision made against them which could affect their academic record or enrolment status.

Eligibility and timelines for students to appeal

  • You must have received notification from the Executive Dean of your Institute, or Dean of School via your FedUni student email account or a letter sent via Australia Post, that your appeal to the Executive Dean/Dean  has been dismissed before lodging an appeal to the Student Appeals Committee.
  • A right of appeal to the Student Appeals Committee against the adverse decision must exist in University Legislation.
  • You must be currently enrolled or have been granted an approved leave of absence to be eligible to lodge an appeal.
  • Your appeal submission cannot be accepted without a completed 'Appeal Form - Student Appeals Committee', with the relevant ground/s of appeal selected.
  • The completed form (with supporting documentation) must be submitted to ensure delivery within 30 days following notification of the dismissal of your appeal from your Executive Dean/Dean.
  • The Chair of the Student Appeals Committee may in exceptional circumstances extend the period for the lodgement of an appeal.

Further assistance

For advice on the appeals process or how to complete the Appeal Form - Student Appeals Committee contact:
Executive Officer, Appeals Committee

Further information

For information regarding the Student Appeals Committee and the appeals process, please refer to the Federation University Australia (Students) Regulations.