Student retention success plans

Students and universities sector wide are experiencing multi-faceted challenges. Increasing pressure on our students having to study online in a COVID pandemic has impacted their ability to engage with study. For each student, this puts them into a unique circumstance which means that there can be no single approach to student retention.

In order to thrive in the current environment, there needs to be a focus on flexibility, valuable experiences, and ongoing financial, wellbeing, and academic support.

Student Retention and Success Strategy and Plan 2021- 2022

This Student Retention and Success Strategy and Plan 2021-2022 synthesises existing knowledge with emerging data to produce a responsive action plan to improve student outcomes. The plan has been endorsed by the Teaching Quality and Innovation Committee.

This plan captures work undertaken by the Learner Retention Priority Project.

2023 – 2025 Student Retention and Success Strategy

The new strategy is under development and will support the objectives of the Federation University Strategic plan (2021 – 2025), which aims to transform lives, enhance communities, and create a strong and sustainable university.

It is designed to complement the Learning and Teaching (2022 – 2024) Plan, which aims to deliver high quality teaching and learning outcomes for students.

The strategy will leverage the success of current initiatives developed during the transition to online learning and develop contemporary and agile approaches to improve student outcomes.It will adopt an institutional approach, incorporating all areas of Federation University and complementing existing strategic plans for TAFE, partner providers, and outreach support.

Previous plans

In 2018, the Learning, Teaching & Student Success Plan 2018–2020 incorporated FedUni’s strategic vision for student retention and success going forward. Priorities 1 (Enhancing Teaching Quality) and 2 (Enhancing Student Success and the Student Experience) of the Learning, Teaching & Student Success Plan (2018 – 2020) form the basis of this Student Retention & Success Operational Plan.

View Student Retention and Success Operational Plan 2018-2020

View Student Retention and Success Plan 2015-17 V4 (pdf, 279kb)