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The plan

2015-2017 Plan Successes

The initial Student Retention & Success Plan 2015–2017 has resulted in a number of successes. Our biggest success has been the reduction in domestic attrition during this time. Our accomplishment is more significant given the fact that during this time, Federation University embraced an open access system of entry, the transition to a BOLD delivery of our programs and courses and the increasing diversity of our student cohort, many of whom comprise multiple equity groups.

A strategic priority for the University

As well as representing significant human loss, student attrition from tertiary education has significant financial ramifications, both for the students who withdraw from their program before completing their program and for the University. There are, therefore, both moral and economic reasons to prioritise a university wide effort to improve our student retention and enable more of our students to succeed in their studies. The intention of this revised Plan is to continue to contribute to coordinating this effort.

In early 2015, the Federation University Council endorsed a major priority for FedUni and approved an institution-wide 5-year initiative to draw on research and best-practice principles and activity to create a coordinated, institution-wide strategy to minimise attrition across all of our programs and partners on and offshore, on and off campus. This Plan is a central plank of that initiative.

Starting in 2018, the Learning, Teaching & Student Success Plan 2018–2020 incorporates FedUni’s strategic vision for student retention and success going forward. Priorities 1 (Enhancing Teaching Quality) and 2 (Enhancing Student Success and the Student Experience) of the Learning, Teaching & Student Success Plan (2018 – 2020) form the basis of this Student Retention & Success Operational Plan. This Operational Plan provides actionable, measurable outcomes to achieve the strategic vision of the Learning, Teaching & Student Success Plan, which recognises that enhancing our student retention, success and completion is underpinned by four pillars:

  1. Providing High Learning Quality – high quality programs and courses to engage students in learning
  2. Promoting Student Engagement – between students, lecturers and the university; curricular, co-curricular and extra curricular
  3. Creating Positive Student Experiences - in class, on campus, online, partners, anywhere
  4. Providing Strong Student Support – intentional, proactive, timely access to life and learning support.

View current Student Retention and Success Operational Plan 2018-2020
View previous Student Retention and Success Plan 2015-17 V4 (pdf, 279kb)

Initiative updates

We release a regular updates on the programs, involvements and activities that we engage in to arrest attrition and maximise student retention and success. These updates are sent out through FedNews, with the most recent being made available below.