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Strategic plan

Federation University Australia Strategic Plan 2021 – 2025

Statement of Reconciliation

At Federation University Australia, we acknowledge the special place and culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander First Nations' Peoples as the First Australians.

This acknowledgement is made through the university's Statement on Reconciliation.

Thriving in a post-COVID world

In 2020, Federation University Australia celebrated 150 years since the establishment of our founding institution; while across Australia and the world, we collectively faced one of the most significant challenges to the way we live and work.

How will we thrive in a post-COVID world? As Victoria and Australia continues along the path to post-pandemic recovery, Federation University Australia has turned its attention to how we will thrive in a post-COVID future.

What are the strengths, opportunities and partnerships that will define our next 150 years?

Our five-year strategic plan, 2021 to 2025, will build on our strong reputation and prepare for a future that will include major changes in how we deliver education and to whom we deliver it.

Above all else, our priority is to deliver the highest quality student experience so our graduates can realise their ambitions and become effective global citizens.

Strategic Plan 2021 – 2025

Download the Federation University Australia Strategic Plan 2021 - 2025 (PDF, 287kb)

As Australia's leading regional university:


We transform lives and enhance communities.


We provide innovative and integrated lifelong learning, job skills and impactful research that enable people and communities to prosper locally, regionally and globally.

Enabling principles

Excellent - We pursue continuous improvement and excellence in everything.

Relevant - We regularly renew our activities to ensure their relevance.

Inclusive - We champion access, diversity and inclusion for all, acknowledging our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage, culture and knowledge.

Empowering - We create an environment of opportunities, trust, fairness and respect, taking informed risks in pursuit of shared goals.

Innovative and agile - We innovate to transform. We are agile and responsive to emerging opportunities.

Strategic objectives and outcomes

Strategic objective 1: Transform lives

Strategic outcomes for objective 1:

  • World-class multi-sector education available to all
  • World leading research in our priority areas
  • Positive career and life impact
  • Broad access, diversity, and inclusion, acknowledging our Indigenous heritage.
Strategic objective 2: Enhance communities

Strategic outcomes for objective 2:

  • Research that drives economic and social transformation from regional Australia to all of our communities
  • Meaningful, impactful and long-lasting partnerships with employers and industries
  • Transformative collaborations and partnerships with governments and community organisations
  • Exemplars of future-focused university towns in Australia.
Strategic objective 3: A strong and sustainable university

Strategic outcomes for objective 3:

  • High quality, impactful research aligned to educational programs
  • High quality, relevant and profitable educational offerings
  • First choice employer and destination for students in each of our communities
  • Strong accountability and governance
  • A focus on sustainability
  • A dynamic and empowered workplace.

Trends, challenges, strategic responses and capabilities

The Federation University Australia Strategic Plan 2021 - 2025 also defines:

  • Key external trends and challenges influencing the strategy
  • Our strategic response to these trends
  • Capabilities needed to deliver our strategic responses.

For detailed information, read the Strategic Plan in full (PDF, 287kb).