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Key trends and challenges influencing our strategy

External influences and why they matter

Relentless innovation and reinvention

A world with continuous innovation and reinvention will drive how Australians work, live and learn.

Technology in education

The impact of technology on pedagogy has transformed how universities operate and students learn. We must use technology to drive high quality and connected experiences for our customers.

Lifelong learning

The way in which our customers access skills is increasingly focused on a continual skills acquisition approach, requiring us to offer new ways of learning, more often and more quickly.

Geopolitical change

The international education market is increasingly crowded by strong competitors and competing nation states. To compete, our programs and research must be attractive, relevant and competitive.

Regions as drivers of economic revival

University presence in regional centers are a key competitive advantage – we must drive economic transformation through our special place in the regions.

Government policy

The education sector must plan for a turbulent and unpredictable regulatory environment, necessitating an agile and flexible response.

Post-COVID economy

The COVID-19 pandemic has the potential to force a complete economic transformation, the like of which has not been present since 1945, and we must respond proactively to this challenge.