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Capabilities needed to deliver our strategic responses

Capabilities required and what they entail

Transformational leadership

Transformational leadership that shows our values in action; inspires our students and partners; and inspires and empowers our staff.

Regular external stakeholder engagement

A coherent and consistent program of engaging with key external stakeholders – industry, governments and community organisations – to understand their needs and promote how we can support and empower them. This must balance a university-wide approach with campus-based local engagement.

Campus-based employment precincts

Campuses as integrated education and employment precincts that are deeply embedded with their local communities, driving creative and synergistic environments.

Digital-first approach

Digital technology embedded in all we do, to deliver a high-quality and personalised experience at scale for students, staff and partners, as well as to reduce duplication.

Rapid course development and renewal

A systematic process to review and renew existing course offerings to ensure quality and relevance, stop sub-scale or sub-par offerings, and create new offerings where needed. This must be backed up by quick and flexible academic approval processes, including for cross-school offerings.

Short-cycle qualifications/micro-credentials

Focused and stackable education offerings that are scalable, profitable, and aligned with specific industry-required skills.

Analysis of education and employment outcomes and trends

A dedicated capability to track and analyse our educational impact (to inform continuous improvement) and external education trends (to anticipate change and respond appropriately).

Client-driven model for industry partnerships

A flexible co-design approach to creating deep partnerships with key regional employers and industries, covering workforce training, research partnerships, commercialisation, academic secondments and more.

Shared infrastructure, assets and services

Creating value by reimagining and sharing our infrastructure and assets: community access, joint ventures, tech parks, commercial activities, shared services and more. Increasing our reach and reducing duplication by partnering to get access to other organisations’ assets and infrastructure.

Continuous development of our people

Investment in the learning and development of our workforce to attract, engage and retain talented staff and ensure they have the skills and capabilities to deliver on our strategic priorities.

Agile, specialised teams

The ability to quickly form and reform specialized teams from different parts of the University in order to deliver new ways of working in education, research, and partnerships.

Modern business support systems and processes

An enterprise architecture with fit-for-purpose systems and processes, with special focus on big data, cloud and A.I. capabilities, combined with removal of outdated processes.

Governance, risk and project management

A consistent and continuously improving governance, risk and project framework to ensure good decisions and effective implementation. This includes clear criteria and processes for partnering and project approval, and effective project monitoring and reporting using university-wide KPIs.