Home page promotion

The Federation University home page is a high-traffic area with wide exposure to a large audience. It is a key marketing tool for future students. This page features a rotating banner which is frequently updated to ensure the information is fresh. These visual promotions can raise awareness of events and initiatives that are of interest to a particular audience, or align to the strategic direction of the University.

Request space on home page

All requests for promotional space on the home page must be directed to Marketing, who determine the timing and positioning of images and information. They can provide advice about promoting your event or initiative.

Contact Kara Hodgson in Marketing to discuss your requirements. A minimum of three weeks notice is required for requests for promotions on the home page.

Link to web content

When selected, the home page web banners direct the user through to another web page on our site (and not to an external website). This 'landing' page content must be polished and professional.

Landing page requirements

  • Proofread - no spelling or grammatical errors, hyperlinks work
  • Web content should meet the FedUni guidelines. (Refer to our Written/text conventions web page.)
  • Relevant and accurate content
  • Appropriate banner image at top of page (see below) which provides a visual link between the home page banner/tile and the landing page. The dimensions of the image must be 713 (wide) x 230 (high) pixels and should contain no text.

These requirements must be in place before the home page web banner or tile is visible.

Banner image

A banner image should be relevant to, and support, the content that will be presented beneath it. Images should be professional, polished, well framed and fresh.

Examples of images that wouldn't fit this description might be:

  • Photos taken with a mobile phone, or non-professional camera
  • Images with flat colours that are washed out
  • Where part of the image is over or under exposed (too dark/too bright)
  • Where the lighting on a student is unflattering (dark shadows around eyes or across face)
  • Clothing or hairstyles that are dated
  • Images that look like they have been digitally manipulated

Marketing can assist with appropriate imagery and in creating banner images and web tiles.


Kara Hodgson
Email: k.hodgson@federation.edu.au
Ph: 5327 9169