Tone and voice


  • Professional but conversational
  • Positive but not over-stated
  • Relaxed and friendly but not too familiar


  • We keep language simple and clear
  • We use short, focused sentences without undue embellishment
  • We don't use nicknames, slang or emoticons
  • We are clear and concise
  • We don’t SHOUT at our reader
  • We speak in the first (we, us, our/s) and second (you, your/yours) person
  • We value and respect our reader – they are our focus
  • Our language is ‘inclusive’ – avoiding biased or prejudicial terms

Plain language

We use plain language, which is

  • Faster to read
  • Easier to understand
  • Preferred by a wide range of readers

Plain language uses:

  • familiar, everyday words
  • strong verbs in an active voice
  • simple sentence framework, with shorter sentences
  • headings, bullet points and other formatting techniques to make it easy to scan a document and find key information
Correct Incorrect
We aim to provide a teaching environment that inspires our students to succeed. Our purpose is to provide a quality tertiary education experience that inspires our students to succeed.
We care about our staff and students. Federation University Australia is a people-focused institution
To enter the program you must hold a degree or diploma. Entry into the program requires that you have previously completed a Degree or Diploma.
After completing this program you’ll have many career opportunities. Completion of this program will provide you with a variety of career opportunities.
Apply by 1 September. Applications close 1 September.